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Mike Lindahl


My passion for hunting started at a young age when my dad introduced me to hunting and deer camp and that passion has continued to grow with every passing season. While I love the camaraderie of Deer Camp, I also enjoy seeing a plan come together…putting in the long hours of preparation prior to the season and that feeling of accomplishment when your pin settles on the vitals of that #1 hit-lister. It’s through this passion that led us to start Domain Outdoor and we truly look forward to working with you to design the perfect food plot program for your property. I’ve been working with food plot mixes and product development for the last 6+ years and am confident you will be extremely satisfied with whatever Domain Mix you choose! Thanks for your business, we can’t wait to share in your successes this Fall!


Tim Schutts


For as long as I can remember, hunting and fishing has been a way of life. It’s become an obsession. I’ve had the privilege of hunting in quite a few locations across the US and it has continued to fuel my passion. To me though, nothing is better than harvesting a buck on your own piece of ground. It is this satisfaction that lead us to start Domain Outdoor and I want to thank everyone that has made us a part of creating their domain.

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